Born in Hiroshima in 1982, currently live in Nagoya.


  • 2003-2008: Bachelor of Arts at Doshisha University (Linguistics)
  • 2004: University of Nottingham, England
  • 2008: Japan Visual Translation Academy
  • 2008-2011: Master of Arts at University of Tokyo (Linguistics)
  • JOBS

    After being employed at a college as a clerical staff, I’ve been working for myself as a writer and a publisher. Also, I was involved in jobs of translation. I’m also a host of book clubs.


    Translation (manga, video, and website), DTP (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop), Kendama (Achieved the grade of the 1st Dan), Rubik’s Cube, FileMaker apps


  • “The Complete Guide for Cinema-goers” (2010) [Japanese]
  • “50 Things Every Cinema-goer Should Know” (2012) [Japanese]
  • “50 Films That Makes You A Little Bit Better Than Yesterday” (2015) [Japanese]
  • “The Organisation Techniques to Enjoy Ultimate Freedom” (2016) [Japanese]
  • “English and Japanese Dictionary of Kendama” (2016) [English / Japanese]
  • “Introduction to Postcrossing” (2016) [Japanese]
  • “Reading Books to Change Yourself” (2017) [Japanese]
  • “How to Host a Book Club with Sherlock Holmes” (2018) [Japanese]
  • “How To Stay Out Of Being A Slave” (2020) [Japanese]
  • “My 1279-Day Log of Moral Harassment at Work and How I Exited from it” (2022) [Japanese]